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Информационный бюллетень и мероприятия Международной ассоциации производителей пустотных плит перекрытия

IPHA's 2016 Annual Conference took place in Budapest,  Hungary from May 26 to 29.  The conference in Budapest was the 21st annual conference in the history of the current formation of IPHA.
The host company was, one of the Ferrobeton Zrt largest  Hungarian precast  concrete element producers. Ferrobeton Zrt is a member of the international CRH Group.
The theme of the conference was: 'HOW TO SURVIVE IN A WORLD OF CONTINUOUS CHANGE AND UNCERTAINTY' an appropriate title with which everyone associated with the hollowcore industry could identify.
53 delegates and 16 partners arrived in the wonderful Sofitel Chain Bridge Hotel on Thursday May 26 and met in the Bellevue room at the hotel for a welcome dinner in readiness for the start of the proceedings on the following day. The delegates represented thirty-two member companies. They came f rom eighteen different  countries  and provided a truly international flavour to the event.
The Friday session saw the formal opening of the conference with welcoming addresses given by Seamus McKeague, the CEO of Creagh Concrete Products Ltd, Northern Ireland and President of IPHA and Zoltán Vass, the Managing Director of Ferrobeton Zrt.
The remainder of the morning session included four presentations, three of which carried a story directly related to the theme of the conference and the third was a company presentation.
Firstly,  Professor ,  Dr.  József  Vörös Hungari an Academy of Sciences, under the title ´Do we need manufacturing' gave a very interesting lecture on the consequences of globalisation and the importance of maintaining the capability of innovation by retaining the capability of manufacturing, both as a company and as a nation.
Ottó Megara, Sales Director of North Danube Region RH gave a very interesting introduction to the international CRH Group and his forecast on global growth in the construction industry and his forecast on global and European cement consumption during the next 2-3 years.
Zoltán Vass, the Managing Director of Ferrobeton Zrt, told the delegates the story of how the company survived the transition from being owned by a huge holding company during the communist period to being a private company owned by the management of the company to the present situation, where Ferrobeton Zrt is part of the CRH Group.During his presentation, Zoltán Vass showed interesting photos from the entire period.
Jürg Schlumpf, Corporate Target Market Manager Concrete SI KA Services AG, which is a new member of  IPHA,  made a short  but  very informative presentation of SIKA Services AG and told of his expectations from the membership of IPHA.
In the afternoon, the group of delegates visited the Ferrobeton  factory  in  Dunaújváros,  where Ferrobeton produce columns and beams, railway sleepers and hollowcore. The visit was interesting to the delegates because the factory produces high quality products under conditions very different from most West European factories, due to the low cost  of  labour  and hence the low degree of automation.
Friday evening, Ferrobeton Zrt invited all delegates and their partners to an excellent host dinner in the elegant Queen Elizabeth Room in the famous Gundel Restaurant, which has been the gathering place for the   local community and social elite since 1910.
Saturday started with a short presentation from another new member, Bahrain Precast Concrete WLL. General Manager  informed Michael Pedersen about the company and his expectations from the
membership of IPHA.
Michael Aalto, Marketing Manager of Spiroll Precast Services Ltd, had as a sponsor of the conference a 20 minute presentation of Spiroll Precast Services Ltd, and he informed about the history of the company and its products and services.
Bogdan Bulgaria, Managing Director of Consolis in Hungary and Romania, informed the delegates about the transition period of the companies in both countries coming from the communist period till today, He also told about why hollowcore producers in Eastern Europe are still facing severe problems getting the acceptance of hollowcore in the market.
Lars Reimer, Technical Manager at CRH Denmark, informed about how the Danish producers of precast elements including hollowcore, by working together to develop common standards securing high quality of the products, have managed to turn the market from being skeptical of precast concrete to the situation today, where precast concrete covers 80% of all building constructions in the country.
Matthew Pal mer,  General  Manager of United Precast  Concrete LLC in Dubai,  told his very interesting story about how the company survived the roller coaster trip being in a market going from extreme boom until  2008,  to collapse due to financial crises back to a more normal market situation since 2012.
Then , HR Director in Creagh Lorna McMullan Concrete Products Ltd, Northern Ireland, told the story about the survival of a company in deep crises to a company in a very strong position today, by focusing on the various learning points from the crisis period and how to develop its organisation and retain talent in modern times.
After lunch , Managing Director of FNSteel Ivan Kaic Hjulbro Sweden, gave a lesson in how steel wires are produced. He also informed about what is driving the steel price in the present market and his expectation to the steel market in the next 2-3 years.
During the conference dinner, Consolis VBI received the 2016 Terry Treanor Award for the presentation of “Re-usable activated geopolymer based hollowcore slabs”.

IPHA's first hollowcore production seminar was held on October 26 and 27 at the facilities of Prefabricats Pujol S.A. in Mollerussa, Catalonia. It was a unique opportunity for the 78 participants from 35 different companies and 15 different countries to discuss and exchange on best practices in hollowcore production.
The seminar opened with a very interesting factory visit to various workshops and production units at the Pujol premises that gained multiple awards for i ts performance and wel l -executed work.  The seminar presentations were held at the training location of Pujol and focused on five main topics:
Production technology -   The production of hollowcore utilises different techniques. Slipforming and flowforming technology were addressed by Area Manager  Enric Solsona of  Prensoland,  while  Commercial Coordinator Gianluca Todeschini of Nordimpianti  focused  more  on  extrusion technology.
Operations - Product Director Jani Eilola of Elematic systematically explained the efficiency principles in hollowcore production, while Olli Korander used his wealth of experience to describe the automated process to support hollowcore production and the techniques used to improve productivity.
Safety - Consolis Group Safety Manager Kathrine Lyngstad addressed the improvements gained by behavioral-based safety and Technical Director of CRH Structural  Concrete Pieter  van der  Zee explained  the  principles  of  5S  order  and housekeeping with practical examples.
Concrete - Curing and maturity control in hollowcore production was masterly explained by owner Geir Ove Skjærvik of Objective Technology showing theory and practical examples on influence factors like bed covering. Operations Manager Neil Skerne of United  Precast  Concrete  Dubai  sketched  a challenging  perspective  on  lean  production concerning waste management in factories.
Quality - Technical Director Jonathan O'Rourke of Treanor Pujol addressed the process and product qual i ty control  and Wi m J ansze,  chai rman of Technical Committee of I PHA, closed the seminar with his view on hollowcore production from the client's perspective.
IPHA's  first  Production Seminar  was  greatly appreciated by the delegates, who learned a lot from the excellent  presentations,  the networking opportunities at  the accompanying sponsors' exhibition and the detailed tour of the factory. The delegates also enjoyed some excellent Catalonian hospitality and a pleasant stay in the city of Lleida.

IPHA is delighted to offer a warm welcome to delegates and their partners to the 22ⁿ    Annual Conference Madrid in the beautiful city of , the capital of Spain.
As in 2014 in Istanbul, our Conference will be partnered by  and . BI BM CPI Worldwide Co-operation with BI BM provides us with far greater  with networking opportunities people from the broader  and gives us access to an exhibition precast concrete sector with more than fifty companies.
I PHA delegates have full access to the BI BM conference, included in the price.
The presentations at the conference deal with topics such as: , Discovering trends Setting the scene Sustainable production, Promoting sustainable markets , and Market development.  You will find further details of the programme on the next pages
in this invitation. 
Our venue is the Madrid Marriott Auditorium Hotel - a very large hotel with excellent conference facilities. It is most important to complete the accompanying reservation form and send it to Carsten Friberg ( Этот адрес электронной почты защищен от спам-ботов. У вас должен быть включен JavaScript для просмотра. ), in order to receive an inclusive rate for accommodation, conference, exhibition, dinners and partner programme. Please be so kind as to submit your form by January 31, 2017, to facilitate efficient scheduling of all the activities.
Enjoy the I PHA conference and welcome to Madrid.

Main Programme
Wednesday May 17
16:00 - 20:00   BIBM Welcome Reception
20.00 - 23:00  IPHA Welcome Dinner
Thursday May 18
09:00 - 18:00   Conference & Exhibition
20:00 - 24:00   BIBM Gala Dinner
Friday May 19
09:00 - 15:00   Conference & Exhibition
15:00 - 17:00  IPHA Terry Treanor Award and General Assembly
20:00 - 24:00  IPHA 2017 Conference dinner

Partner Programme
Thursday May 18
Outline Programme
Full day  Madrid City Tour with visit to the Royal Palace
Lunch included
Friday May 19
Half day  Madrid City Tour with visit to the Prado Museum
Lunch included

Optional Programme
Saturday May 20
09:00 - 17:00  Madrid Segway tour 
09:00 - 15:00  Estadio Bernabéu

“Hollowcore Slab and Floor Design - background and examples” 
October 25-26 2017, Tallinn, Estonia
The biennial Technical Seminar is an opportunity for structural engineers to discuss structural design aspects of hollowcore in the broadest sense. This Technical Seminar 2017 focuses on educating the young engineer and the professional engineer in field of structural design of hollowcores. With this course IPHA wants to educate talented engineers to be the business precast design leaders of the future. She or he has experience in precast and hollow cores, but would like to deepen knowledge on background and new approaches in field of design of hollowcore, explained with calculation examples, in order to make better and more efficient hollowcore floor designs in precast construction.
The in 2017 planned-to-release fib publication “Prestressed hollowcore design recommendation” by commission fib COM6 - taskgroup T6.1 will be used as reader for the course and contains the most updated technical approaches. The seminar focusses mainly on the design of hollowcore slabs and hollowcore floors in buildings. The Technical Seminar includes presentations on general and basic design principles, ultimate limit state capacities of the cross section, serviceability limit state checks, fire design, structural integrity, load distribution and openings, diaphragm action, and connections. The course bridges theory and practice by providing background information as well as practical calculation examples. The full 2-day training will be given by fib- and IPHA experts.

08:00 Registration  
08:45 Opening - Seamus McKeague IPHA
08:50 Welcome to Tallinn -  Chairmen BŰ, EEL
08:55 Introduction to seminar - Wim Jansze IPHA
09:00 Introduction to recommendations - Expert IPHA/fib
09:45 Basic design principles - Expert IPHA/fib
10:30 Coffee Break 
11:00 Transfer of prestress - Expert IPHA/fib
11:45 Flexural capacity and deflection - Expert IPHA/fib
12:30 Lunch 
13:30 Shear capacity - Expert IPHA/fib
14:15 Shear and bending, shear and torsion - Expert IPHA/fib
15:00 Punching - Expert IPHA/fib
15:30 Tea break 
16:00 Lifting and storage of slabs - Expert IPHA/fib
16:30 Design aspects finished elements - Expert IPHA/fib
17:00 End of first day 
19:00 Cocktail 
20:00 Dinner

08:00 Seminar venue open  
08:30 Structural integrity - Expert IPHA/fib
09:15 In-plane actions - Expert IPHA/fib
10:00 Transversal load distributions - Expert IPHA/fib
10:30 Coffee break 
11:00 Structural topping and composite action - Expert IPHA/fib
11:30 (unintended) restrained supports - Expert IPHA/fib
12:30 Lunch 
13:00 Non-rigid supports - Expert IPHA/fib
13:45 Fire resistance - Expert IPHA/fib
14:30 Connections - Expert IPHA/fib
15:00 Fixings, openings and cut-outs - Expert IPHA/fib
15:30 Closure of seminar - Wim Jansze IPHA
15:45 End of seminar

Seminar venue and Hotel
The Seminar location in Tallinn is Park Inn Conference & Spa Hotel by Radisson Meriton. The Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference & Spa Hotel Tallinn is situated in the heart of Tallinn – adjacent to the Old Town which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This modern Tallinn hotel offers easy access to Old Town and the Parliament of Estonia. The venue also overlooks Toompea Castle, an ancient monument housing the Parliament of Estonia. Guests stay only a short distance from the many city centre attractions, including shopping, theatres and restaurants. Located just a short hop from the hotel lies the eclectic and historic district of Kalamaja, which has seen a number of new small and hip cafes, restaurants and bars popping up in the area recently.
Park Inn by Radisson Meriton Conference & Spa Hotel Tallinn has 465 elegant and contemporary rooms. IPHA has pre-reserved 100 superior single rooms at the rate of € 77/night.  A large conference facility provides plenty of space for the course and break-out in the breaks, whilst those seeking relaxation will very much enjoy the beauty spa, Aqua & sauna center and gym area. Aside from these facilities, the hotel offers excellent dining experiences in 2 restaurants, a cafe and 2 bars. A parking lot and a garage in total of 132 parking lots are available to hotel guests. Railway station 1 km, airport 6 km, bus terminal 4 km.